Recurring global advice, taxation of complex transactions, specific sectors and international taxation.

In the context of complex tax regulations that are subject to continuous modifications, and affected by different taxation systems and by a varied interpretation criteria, the need for appropriate advice is of uttermost importance.

Our practice is based in a high specialization standard and technical rigour, and extends to recurring advice to groups of companies and family estates, as well as to specific advice in the transfer and acquisition of businesses and assets (M&A), in business restructuring and in the implementation of new business projects.

We pay special attention to international taxation, giving advice related to foreign investments in Spain and to Spanish investments abroad. Likewise, our advice is focused in taxation of specific sectors and activities, such as taxation of financial products, taxation of Industrial Property, taxation of art, real estate and bankruptcy taxation.

We also assist our clients in all tax related proceedings, whether binding rulings, audits by the Revenue Service, or economic-administrative and contentious Court proceedings.