Specialized in different areas of Criminal Law as well as in regulatory compliance and preventive criminal advice.

In an increasingly complex business and regulatory environment, criminal matters are becoming more important in business law, even more so since legal persons became subject to criminal liability.

Our expertise in this subject matter focuses on two areas. The first is the traditional exercise of criminal law from an economic perspective: proceedings related to property (fraud, misappropriations, offences affecting the market and consumers), banking and securities law, money laundering offences, offences against the public treasury and the social security system, violations of occupational risk prevention, industrial and intellectual property offences or zoning offences, among others.

Furthermore, we specialise in the area of regulatory compliance and preventive criminal advice; we develop money-laundering prevention plans and compliance programs aimed at absolving and mitigating the criminal liability of legal persons, prepare legal opinions on criminal matters and, in general, counsel companies on all compliance-related issues within this area.