Start-ups, M&A and commercial contracts as the core of our specialization.

It would not be possible to understand the current business world without Commercial Law, which in one way or another rules all aspects of commercial relationships.

Consequently, we pay special attention and dedication to this area of practice, and within it, our specialty extends to all organization aspects, understoood as all matters related to the organization of coporations, their development, restructuring and extinction, and the relationships between their shareholders, in the scope of the Companies Act (Ley de Sociedades de Capital) and ancillary regulations (the so called Corporate Law), and to all those aspects related to usual and recurring commercial relationships of companies, such as commercial contracts, their development, execution and termination.

Also, our team has a wide experience and a high specialization in restructuring projects, start-ups, venture capital investments and divestments, franchise agreements, due diligence, business and assets acquisitions (M&A), foreign investments in Spain and establishment of Spanish companies abroad.

Likewise, within this area of practice we include those non profit organizations that are subject to a specific regulation beyond the Companies Act, as well as advice on bankruptcy matters.